We are very glad to introduce our latest development in silicone softener “Highly stable & spot free”. We believe that we can touch your contentment with our latest innovation in Silicone softener by the name SOFTSIL IMM-SPF
Why SOFTSIL IMM-SPF is better than conventional Silicone Softener?
Silicone softener has mainly three components- Silicone oil, Water, Emulsifier where the vital role of Emulsifier is to mix Silicone oil & Water. The basic problem of Conventional Silicone is the instability at High Temperature & High pressure that causes the separation of Silicone oil & Water. This phenomenon is the vital drawbacks of Conventional Silicone. This Separated Silicone oil brings oil spot to fabric that is irremovable. Conventional Silicone polymers need surfactants to stabilize them in water in the form of emulsions. This Surfactant remains with silicone that detracts from the desired silicone effect to some extent.

SOFTSIL IMM-SPF is an advanced fluid with the surfactant molecule actually tacked on to the Siloxane molecule. This incredible technology allows the Silicone molecule to interact directly with water to form nano emulsions.
Since the surfactants molecule is actually attached to the molecule of the silicone backbone there exists no possibility of separation or destabilization.So, SOFTSIL IMM-SPF will not result in Silicone spot problem or oil spot.

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