Our Products

a) Alpha Amylase (Laundry & Textile mills) (Medium to High Temp)
b)Cellulase (Powder/Liquid) (Abrasion enzymes/Biopolish Enzymes) (Cold/Hot)
c) Combined Neutral Cellulase with Catalase
d) Combined Neutral Cellulase with Bioscouring Enzyme
e) Combined Alpha Amylase with Neutral Cellulases for Industrial laundries
f) Antstains(Liquid/Powder)
g) Laccase Enzyme& Catalase
h) Wetting agent (Combined Scouring/Wetting/Emulsifying Agent)
i) Sequestrant Cum Peroxide Stabilizer
j) Leveling Agent for Cotton & Polyester ( Powder/Liquid)
k) Anticrease
l) Cationic Fixing Agent (Formaldehyde free)
m) Optical Brightener (Neutral/Bluish/Reddish tint)
n) Wrinkle Free Resin (Catalyzed/Uncatalyzed)
o) Amino Silicone Softener
p) Specialty Hydrophilic Silicone (Strippable/Breathable/Redyeable/No yellowing)
q) Specialized Handfeel Silicone
r) Epoxy Silicone Softener(Low to non-yellowing)
s) Reactive Aftersoaping Agent
t) Oil Water Repellent(C-6 & C-8)
u) Thickener For printing(Pigment/Reactive)
v) Print Pastes(Full White print/Colored)& Rubber Paste
w)Conc liquid/Pearl Softener (Cationic/Nonionic)

x) Wicking Aids/Antistatic for Cotton,TC
y) Polyester Deepening Agent
z) High Temp/High Alkaline stable Antifoam